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Did you know that it is no coincidence that you found yourself reading this here today? No matter you got here via a random search on google or you were sent this link from a dear friend or family, or you have found us on Facebook - welcome to NZCMC.


We are a Church based at Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 1994 we cater and welcome everyone locally and from abroad. We run Sunday Services in Cantonese (with Mandarin and English translations) and offer various fellowships for different groups including youth at universities and secondary Schools, working young adults, young families with children and groups for men and women.


Come join us no matter you are seeking God or you are a brother/sister in Christ. We like to see you soon! 



There is a God.


God Cares; God Loves you.


God is good. Not in a sense that He spoils us with all our wants. But just like a loving parent, the things we receive from Him cannot be replaced. Righteousness, mercy, hope, joy, peace.


That's why He came and entered history. He took the form of a man. He walked with us. Literally. Why? To pay our debt.What debt? You ask.


You might have heard it before, it’s called sin. All it means is that we did not do what God intended us to do. Instead of loving God and living for Him, we ended up living for ourselves. We had disobeyed God and sinned.


But, Jesus, God Himself, out of love, died on a cross. Our debt was paid. By His life.He is passionate to have a relationship with us.So what do I have to do?


Accept Jesus, thank Him for what He has done and follow Him everyday. Will that make a difference?  Absolutely. Like every good story, it ends with two people falling in love. God is in love with you. Waiting for you. But this story does not end with love.


It starts with Love.

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